MaRS Climate Impact is a new innovation conference that leverages business and private capital for social good.

The event brings together the cleantech and social-finance communities — as well as big-time players from the ecosystem — for one comprehensive online experience. The worlds of clean innovation and investment are inextricably linked. But ensuring their mutual success requires dialogue, as well as a showcasing of groundbreaking solutions to advance both a healthy planet and prosperity.

MaRS Climate Impact will feature the most promising ideas and companies solving for the transition to net zero. Meet the brilliant minds driving climate action on a global scale: entrepreneurs, investors, business leaders, finance professionals, academics, journalists and policymakers.


MaRS Climate Impact programming falls under four general themes. Each covers new technologies, and features some of the most renowned leaders in the cleantech and finance industries.

Transforming the economy

Hear from investment specialists and financial leaders on the new models that are transforming the global economy to meet climate objectives. How can we fundamentally redesign markets to make responsible, climate-focused investing the rule rather than the exception?

Taking corporate action

Gain insight from business leaders on how companies are adapting to reach net-zero targets. From ESG strategies to new impact funds, how far will these actions take us and what are the alternatives?

Accelerating adoption

Learn how new innovation will help in the race to net zero and how to transform practices, procedures and infrastructure to ramp up adoption on a global scale.

Measuring impact

Gather the tools and tactics to measure the impact that business actions are having on people and the planet.